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My darcs repositories are here:

Don't know, what darcs is?!


darcs repo

Haskell library for building interactive programs. It uses simple entities (called blocks) that can receive and send signals.


darcs repo

Haskell wrapper library for the Horde3D graphics engine.


darcs repo | hackage

Bindings for the ALSA Sequencer API (that's the midi stuff) for Haskell. It's pretty usable thanks to Henning Thielemann. It uses the types from the midi package to represent midi data.

There is another ALSA package by Bjorn Bringert and Iavor S. Diatchki:


darcs repo | hackage

JACK bindings for Haskell. Enables you to create JACK clients, create connections and do audio processing. (Note that realtime audio processing done in Haskell is not really feasable. At least I didn't get it to work properly.)

With huge contributions by Henning Thielemann.

Midi support is added by Hans Baier at the moment.

There is a version in Hackage, but the darcs repo is preferable at the moment.


darcs repo

gccxml2hs (version 0.1) is a tool to generate wrapper Haskell modules for c and c++ header files. It uses gccxml for parsing and analysing the c/c++ code. Any comments appreciated.

The tool was written to generate wrappers for the Horde3D graphics engine. It does work for these header files, so developement is pretty much abandoned.

These are header files, that pass the tool and are translated into correct (as in compilable) Haskell modules. It was not tested though, if they behave correctly.

  • Horde3D.h
  • Horde3DUtils.h
  • inttypes.h
  • GL/gl.h
  • GL/glu.h
  • GL/glut.h
  • GL/glfw.h

Missing features:

  • unions
  • arrays
  • OperatorFunctions (whatever that is)
  • of course: bugfixing
  • structs passed by value

Pure Data Organ

zip archive

A patch for Pure Data. It's an organ with sliders for 9 harmonics, has 8 polyphonic voices and adjustable distortion seperated for every voice to avoid interferences.

Simulation of a Population

jar archive

A simulation of a (somehow strange) population. When i was about 15, I did similar things in qBasic. So i reimplemented this for nostalgic reasons.

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